Tracey and Joey's Engagement Session - Easton PA Wedding and Engagement Photography

Nothing is better than watching your couple have as much fun during their engagement session as you while you’re taking it, and in center city Easton, PA there were too many places to choose from! Nestled between the Crayola Factory and the Easton Phillipsburg Bridge, there was a sea of things to explore in this wonderful small town.

Luckily, this couple was willing to do whatever we had in mind! As we walked around from place to place and saw something from sitting on the street to walking into libraries located a floor above restaurants like the Quadrant Book Mart and Coffee House, this shoot was wonderful. The perfect mix of city life and nature all in the same 3 block radius!

This shoot had a very modern feel to it but I love that you can still feel the warmth in their photos from the love they share. Here are some of our favorites from their shoot!

Until next time!

- Marshall